• Cat microchipping

    You may not be aware that, as well as dogs, cats can be microchipped too. It is now a legal requirement for some dogs to be microchipped (see our article - ‘Microchipping and registration... Read More
  • Equine gastric ulcer syndrome

    Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) refers to the presence of ulcers (a localized erosion) in the stomach of the horse.  The horse's stomach is divided into two parts: the upper ha... Read More
  • Equine metabolic syndrome

    Does your pony (or horse) have an abnormally cresty neck?  Is he more difficult than most to keep trim, or prone to developing laminitis or grass founder? If this sounds like your equine co... Read More
  • Perennial ryegrass staggers

    This seasonal condition is caused by lolitrem, a fungal toxin, produced by an endophyte fungus found in ryegrass pastures and is NOT the same as "staggers" in cows due to hypomagnesaemia. Clinical... Read More
  • Grass founder

    Founder (or laminitis) is a debilitating and painful condition of horses, ponies and donkeys.  There are a number of conditions such as colic, retained membranes, grain gorging and obesity th... Read More
  • Pregnant mare management

    Pregnant mare management should now be underway but here are some reminders on what to think about in the lead-up to foaling. Rapid growth of the foetus takes place in the last three months of p... Read More
  • Teatseal

    As we head towards drying off, now is the time to consider your options for treatment and prevention of mastitis using dry cow antibiotic and/or teatseal. With the increasing awareness of anti... Read More
  • Farm dog vaccinations

    Vaccinations are a critical part of maintaining the health of your working team, as much as regular worming and flea treatments. Even if no other dogs come onto your property, parvovirus (parvo)... Read More
  • Interpreting feed analyses

    We have been asked by many farmers over my years of clinical practice to explain and interpret feed analyses of varying products. Here we will focus on pasture and silage ... Dry matter (DM) ... Read More
  • Salmonella in sheep

    Over the years, Salmonellosis (mostly S. hindmarsh) has devastated Manawatu ewe flocks during the late summer/early autumn period. It is common for farms to experience outbreaks after a dry spel... Read More

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