• Endometritis

    Endometritis is caused by a chronic infection in the uterus after calving and is more prevalent in cows defined as "high risk". What is Endometritis? Endometritis is a bacterial infection of... Read More
  • Coccidia in dairy calves

    There is nothing worse than rearing great calves in the shed and then see them go backwards as they start to go outdoors and onto pasture. With most meals now containing coccidiostats, the signs... Read More
  • Dog breed profiles

    Click on the links below to find out more about your favourite dog breeds. The Bichon Frisé The Border Collie The Great Dane The Labrador  The Norwegian Elkhound ... Read More
  • Spring grass

    Spring is knocking on our door and that lush green grass is starting to emerge. Spring grass can cause a variety of issues including; colic, diarrhoea, insulin resistance, behavioural problems a... Read More
  • Meet Milo

    There was talk around work that Milo needed rehoming because he couldn’t handle sharing his family with other cats and would pee inside. I thought nothing of it, until one day, he hitched ... Read More
  • The sleepy ewe

    Do you have high levels of twin bearing ewes? Is your farm a bit tight on feed this year? Then your flock might be at risk of sleepy sickness (AKA pregnancy toxaemia or twin lamb disease). Sleep... Read More
  • Spring time vet appointments

    With the busy spring season upon us here’s a quick reminder of the requirements our customer service staff need to provide appropriate/efficient service when booking a veterinarian. Of cou... Read More
  • Peri-calving mastitis

    Peri-calving mastitis is defined as a case of mastitis in the first seven days post-calving, and often occurs due to oedematous (swollen) udders and dripping milk. Prevention involves   ... Read More
  • Winter and the horse’s hoof

    Feet issues are very common in the winter months due to the relentless wet.  Common problems we see include: Foot abscesses Often also referred to as stone bruises, these are essentia... Read More
  • Equine dentistry

    Regular dental checkups are essential to the general health of your horse. The health and condition of your horse starts with good nutrition. Good nutrition requires healthy teeth that do t... Read More

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