• Optimising velvet production from your stags

    Whilst much of the quality and yield of velvet from your stags is due to their genetics it is necessary to optimise feeding them at critical times to realise the full potential of the genetic prog... Read More
  • Book in your bulls

    Reduce the risk of introducing sub-fertile bulls to your herd by using our fertility testing service! Our testing provides assurance that your bull team is sound by collecting semen, for microsc... Read More
  • Equine dentals

    Answering your questions There are real differences between just floating teeth and having a thorough dental examination and floating (“odontoplasty”). A thorough dental examinatio... Read More
  • Laminitis vs founder

    Did you know the terms laminitis and founder do not mean the same thing? Some owners will describe their horse as foundering when their horse is actually suffering from laminitis. So, what&rsquo... Read More
  • Dairy herd drenching

    The question of whether to drench adult dairy cows raises some interesting points due to the conflict between drench sustainability and economic advantage. From a purely economic viewpoint there... Read More
  • The cost of calf scours

    Calf scours is an expensive and time-consuming disease which strikes at the busiest time of the year. Costs incurred involve not only treatment expenses and calf losses but also precious time cost... Read More
  • Calf disbudding – why is this important?

    To enable the humane, safe and effective management of animals, and to minimise tissue damage and pain, horns should be prevented from developing.   HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK Cattle w... Read More
  • Vaccination alert for rabbits

    In March and April of this year, a new strain of the Calicivirus was released throughout New Zealand. The current Cylap vaccine was shown in Australia to provide protection against this strain. ... Read More
  • SDMA testing and kidney disease

    Kidney disease is an unfortunately common condition that we see in veterinary medicine, with one in three cats and one in ten dogs suffering from renal issues. The prognosis for these anima... Read More
  • Kennel cough outbreak

    If you haven’t already heard, there has been a kennel cough outbreak around Feilding over the last few weeks. Unvaccinated dogs are getting hit hard, and even some vaccinated dogs are gett... Read More

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