• Teaching cats to love their carriers

    Visiting the vet clinic can be a very stressful experience for a cat, which in turn can be stressful for you as the owner – we all understand that nobody likes seeing their pet distressed. ... Read More
  • Ageing in our pets

    Changes are natural, and often expected, as our pets get older. They may not have the same lust for fetch anymore, or may have put on a few pounds (hey, haven’t we all!) Here are some pointe... Read More
  • Avoiding problems around fawning

    Many problems around fawning can be attributed to deer behaviour and the environment which the hinds are exposed to during this time. Of all the species we farm, deer are probably the most sensi... Read More
  • Specialist veterinary cardiology service

    Totally Vets is excited to offer cardiology referrals at our Feilding branch, seen by Jacqui Huxley and the team from Apex Cardiology. Jacqui is the only board-certified veterinary cardiologist ... Read More
  • Pollen alert!

    The pollen season is well underway, with pine pollen already drifting over the countryside! All those pets with allergic skin and/or respiratory disease may be feeling the itch, so keep a close ... Read More
  • Handling non-cycling cows

    Mating time is fast approaching with October just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about whether non-cyclers in your herd may impact your mating performance next month and your... Read More
  • Loose limbs: Riley's story

    Riley is a 7-month old heading dog. She was handed over to Retired Working Dogs NZ when her owner realised that something was wrong with her hips, and she wouldn’t cope with life as a workin... Read More
  • The cost of calf scours

    Calf scours is an expensive and time-consuming disease which strikes at the busiest time of the year. Costs incurred involve not only treatment expenses and calf losses but also precious time cost... Read More
  • Is your bull up to the job?

    Bull fertility testing is an essential service to ensure that your bull is capable of doing what he is bred to do – getting your cows in calf. This testing ensures you are minimising any iss... Read More
  • Beating pulpy kidney and tetanus

    Lambs are born with very few antibodies and rely on antibodies in the ewe’s colostrum for protection against common diseases including pulpy kidney and tetanus. Vaccinating ewes just prior... Read More

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