• Calf disbudding – why is this important?

    To enable the humane, safe and effective management of animals, and to minimise tissue damage and pain, horns should be prevented from developing.   HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK Cattle w... Read More
  • Vaccination alert for rabbits

    In March and April of this year, a new strain of the Calicivirus was released throughout New Zealand. The current Cylap vaccine was shown in Australia to provide protection against this strain. ... Read More
  • SDMA testing and kidney disease

    Kidney disease is an unfortunately common condition that we see in veterinary medicine, with one in three cats and one in ten dogs suffering from renal issues. The prognosis for these anima... Read More
  • Xylitol poisoning in dogs

    Do you use peanut butter to disguise pills for your dog, or have sugar free gum lying around?  Well beware! Xylitol, a common sugar substitute, is potentially lethal to dogs! Xylitol can be... Read More
  • Kennel cough outbreak

    If you haven’t already heard, there has been a kennel cough outbreak around Feilding over the last few weeks. Unvaccinated dogs are getting hit hard, and even some vaccinated dogs are gett... Read More
  • Veterinary blood work

    Most of us have had blood tests done at some point in our lives - and blood testing is sometimes needed in your pets as well. When you bring your pet to the clinic because he/she isn’t fee... Read More
  • Equine Quiz

    September 2018 Q - How many teeth can an adult horse have? A - 44 Q - It can be normal for a horse’s heartbeat to regularly skip a beat at rest. A - True Q - What should the heart rat... Read More
  • Palpating the ram

    Why do we do it and what are we looking for? Often in summer you can find your vet hunkered down in a race behind a line of woollies, what are we doing? We are palpating rams. This involves chec... Read More
  • Targeted Selective Treatment

    Protecting drench performance in cattle systems In the sheep industry we’ve had more than a decade of activity aimed at prolonging the useful life of the anthelmintic drenches that are so ... Read More
  • Spring lambs

    Across the practice there is great variation in when lambing starts; however, no matter when, docking is a key event. If you have vaccinated your ewes two to four weeks pre-lamb with a 5-in-1 b... Read More

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