• Telemedicine Consultations

    For bona fide clients of either Totally Vets Feilding or Awapuni Clinics as well as referrals from other practices, from Monday 30 March we are also offering Telemedicine Consultations for your pe... Read More
  • Antibiotic usage and changes to supply for dairy farmers

    As the awareness of antibiotic resistance as a global threat and their appropriate use continues to grow, it requires a local effort within New Zealand farming, livestock and veterinary industries... Read More
  • Case of the month

    Mangy Moss Moss is an eight-year-old, beardie huntaway who had been diagnosed and treated for demodectic mange when he was younger. He was treated with doramectin, the best drug available at t... Read More
  • Karaka Berry Poisoning

    Karaka berries are ripening and falling to the ground from January to April. The kernels of the berries contain a highly toxic alkaloid that can be fatal when ingested. Signs of karaka berr... Read More
  • Weaner deer

    Weaning is a stressful time for young deer and can result in compromised immune systems, disease and lowered growth rates.   Important points Try to have stressful procedures such as dr... Read More
  • Medial luxating patella in dogs: Graham’s story

    Graham (not his real name) came in to the clinic as a limping puppy. His owner complained that he periodically held his right back leg up for short periods but it always suddenly “came right... Read More
  • FIC – Feline idiopathic cystitis

    Feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) is a term used to describe an inflammation of the bladder associated with abnormal urination in cats. While usually there is no direct cause, links have been mad... Read More
  • The importance of lepto vaccination in dairy herds

    Leptospirosis, or lepto as it is commonly called, is a zoonosis – i.e. a disease of animals that can be transferred to humans; it is vital that your management and vaccination programme is r... Read More
  • Choosing the right puppy

    The excitement of getting a new family member is like no other. But don’t let that set you up for failure! Time and time again we get people through the clinic that unfortunately have picked... Read More
  • Dangers of heat stroke

    Summer is a fun time for all, but the heat can be lethal to our pets: Pets cannot sweat like we do.  They release heat through their tongues, foot pads and nose which is much less effec... Read More

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