• Looking ahead

    Possible animal health issues and tasks to consider and reminders for June include…   Dairy DRYING OFF – has carried through to this month as feed has not been such a... Read More
  • Old age isn’t a disease… but arthritis is

    Did you know that 80% of dogs over 8yrs old are likely to have arthritis? That’s a huge number. Arthritis can be difficult to detect; it’s not like acute pain when there is a sudden ... Read More
  • The transition period

    Within the next few weeks, dairy farmers will start drafting up their springer mobs. This will allow closer monitoring and management of cows that are near calving and entering the transition p... Read More
  • Mid-winter shearing

    Mid-winter shearing and pre-lamb vaccination of pregnant ewes are both relatively common practices New Zealand. MID-WINTER SHEARING The main reasons for mid-winter shearing include fewer e... Read More
  • Take the hurt out of inflammation this spring

    Reducing pain and inflammation is central to humans when recovering from injury or illness. Whether we reach for a Panadol, rub on an anti-inflammatory gel or we are prescribed anti-inflammatories... Read More
  • The upside of a few dead animals…

    There are a variety of conditions that cause poor performance in our flocks, some are treatable, some are not.  A common practise on many farms is to drench tail end ewes, however in many c... Read More
  • Covid-19

    14 May 2020 Welcome back We’re happy to let you know that from Thursday 14 May our doors are open once again. We’ve seen a few of you at our clinics over the time that we wer... Read More
  • Separation anxiety in your pet after lockdown

    If you believe your pet is in for a hard time once your normal hectic working lives resume. We can help you navigate through this potentially anxious time, hopefully stress-free. Anxiousness in ... Read More
  • Trace minerals and your herd

    Getting the right balance and level of trace minerals is an important part of animal health and production, and a sensible trace mineral supplementation program requires information. Getting the... Read More
  • Dry cow – why change?

    Almost all dairy farmers in our practice will now have had a discussion with one of vets about product choices for dry-off this autumn. While Cepravin, Bovaclox and Teatseal have been our primar... Read More

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