• Covid-19

    14 May 2020 Welcome back We’re happy to let you know that from Thursday 14 May our doors are open once again. We’ve seen a few of you at our clinics over the time that we wer... Read More
  • Old age isn’t a disease… but arthritis is

    Did you know that 80% of dogs over 8yrs old are likely to have arthritis? That’s a huge number. Arthritis can be difficult to detect; it’s not like acute pain when there is a sudden ... Read More
  • Separation anxiety in your pet after lockdown

    If you believe your pet is in for a hard time once your normal hectic working lives resume. We can help you navigate through this potentially anxious time, hopefully stress-free. Anxiousness in ... Read More
  • Looking ahead

    Possible animal health issues and tasks to consider and reminders for May include…   Dairy DRYING OFF – although feed has often been a limiting factor this season it ... Read More
  • Trace minerals and your herd

    Getting the right balance and level of trace minerals is an important part of animal health and production, and a sensible trace mineral supplementation program requires information. Getting the... Read More
  • Dry cow – why change?

    Almost all dairy farmers in our practice will now have had a discussion with one of vets about product choices for dry-off this autumn. While Cepravin, Bovaclox and Teatseal have been our primar... Read More
  • Beyond the drought

    Many North Island farms experienced moderate to severe drought over the summer months. Much needed rain and lack of feed in most areas put a hold on the sale and transportation of stock and supple... Read More
  • What is antimicrobial resistance?

    Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses and fungi) develop the ability to survive antimicrobial treatments (e.g. antibiotics, disinfectants) which were pr... Read More
  • Liver fluke in sheep - is it an issue?

    Although liver fluke is thought to be a reasonably common parasite, the significance of the disease is variable depending on geographical location and cumulative effects of the fluke on the l... Read More
  • Prescription medicines

    As of January 2020, legislation has been updated determining the length of time medications can be prescribed for without subsequent consultations: six months for registered veterinary medicin... Read More

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