• Is your zinc working?

    We are coming into the Facial Eczema (FE) season once again and typically we all look to monitor the spore counts to ensure we get our zinc going through before the spore counts jump up… bu... Read More
  • Vaccinations: Are they necessary?

    Horses are the most susceptible animal to this disease, 300 times more susceptible than your dog! We have lots of information in this newsletter about wounds and one of the potential side effect... Read More
  • Wound Wise

    Wounds are inevitable when keeping horses. Luckily they’re not all as bad. A lot of wounds can be treated by you, the horse owner. As vets we still regularly get called out to wounds that ... Read More
  • Equine Quiz

    February 2019 1. Horses can develop tetanus when they lose their baby teeth (known as deciduous teeth): True False   2. Which statement is most correct? Horses’ teeth ... Read More
  • Canine Behavioural programme

    Be the person your dog needs you to be. This is quite a challenge to live up to in today’s fast paced demanding society for us as dog owners. Most of us are balancing many roles within our... Read More
  • Equine case of the month

    As vets we never know what a day may bring. A large amount of our appointments aren’t pre-booked as they are first aid and emergency calls, making every day exciting and unpredictable! A f... Read More
  • Facial Eczema: Interesting new study data

    Have you noticed your horse has a runny nose or cough? Many people often get worried this time of year that their horses may get affected by facial eczema like other animals (cows, sheep, goats ... Read More
  • Growing top heifers

    The future productivity of a dairy herd hinges on the management of the replacement heifer calves. A lot of effort goes into breeding high genetic merit replacement calves. Inadequate rearing re... Read More
  • Facial Eczema Risk Bulletin

    for week ended 3 February 2019   No. of sites monitored:   18     Average Spore Count:  15,000    Highest Spore Count... Read More
  • The changing face of chemical treatments

    Drench resistance is a common issue faced by farmers and there is a lot of awareness about it - there is less publicity regarding resistance in blowflies. This is a significant and emerging issu... Read More

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