• Life-stage wellness: diagnostics

    Why is laboratory testing important for my pet? Veterinarians depend on diagnostics to help them understand the status of your pet's health. When your pet is sick, the results of laboratory tes... Read More
  • Fishing competition results 2019

    Bright and early in the morning of Saturday 30th March, boats were in the water at Whanganui eager to get out to the fish. The conditions were as close to perfect as you could get. There were ... Read More
  • Fresh vs frozen

    Over the next few months, Totally Vets will be running a trial to test out the effect of a different type of AI straw on conception rates in autumn calving dairy cows.  Over recent years Ta... Read More
  • Wound Wise

    Wounds are inevitable when keeping horses. Luckily they’re not all as bad. A lot of wounds can be treated by you, the horse owner. As vets we still regularly get called out to wounds that ... Read More
  • Feline AIDS

    Totally Vets Feilding has been involved with the Alley Cat Trust recently, which traps and de-sexes stray cats. All these cats are tested for the FIV and FeLV prior to surgery. In the last month w... Read More
  • Talking points for sheep farmers

    Across our clinics, the discussion through March and into April has been facial eczema. Spore counts for much of the season were relatively low and when the warm rain came these counts peaked. F... Read More
  • Have you heard of RMPP Action Groups?

    Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a Primary Growth Partnership programme whose aim is to help the red meat sector increase productivity and profitability. RMPP is funded by meat processors, ... Read More
  • Should we be worming our adult dairy cows?

    This is a question that we often debate and more often than not the answer is no. If I was to suggest to you that the banks were going to give you a return on your savings of 10:1, I think many wo... Read More
  • Vaccinations - are they necessary?

    Horses are the most susceptible animal to this disease, 300 times more susceptible than your dog! We have lots of information in this newsletter about wounds and one of the potential side effect... Read More
  • The importance of X-rays

    In recent years there have been great advances in the world of veterinary radiology (X-rays). As in the human world, many vet clinics have invested in digital radiography systems that have improve... Read More

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