• Xylitol poisoning in dogs

    Do you use peanut butter to disguise pills for your dog, or have sugar free gum lying around?  Well, beware! Xylitol, a common sugar substitute, is potentially lethal to dogs! Xylitol can b... Read More
  • Foaling time

    When something’s off, newborn foals can deteriorate very quickly compared to adult horses. It’s important to have a good grasp of what’s normal and what isn’t, and assess... Read More
  • Worm management to weaning – ewes and lambs

    Last month we very quickly touched on drenching lambs . Here we continue the discussion… Ewes’ immunity to worms can ‘slip’ in late pregnancy and early lactation. Where... Read More
  • Lifestyle block facilities

    When owning large animals, it is important that good handling facilities are available. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to build some on your own property – consider borr... Read More
  • Vitamin B1 deficiency in calves

    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is a vitamin that is produced by bacteria in the rumen of cattle. Cattle have a daily requirement for thiamine and the bacteria will normally produce enough to meet this. L... Read More
  • Theileria

    There have been many new cases of Theileria on farms in Manawatu this season. Most of the affected cows had a history of grazing off-farm over the winter (i.e. often outside of the region where ... Read More
  • Fergus' magic trick

    Like all dogs, Fergus loves to play. He plays with toys, sticks, balls, whatever he can get his paws on. Unfortunately for Fergus, play time wasn’t all fun and games when fetch ended in a tr... Read More
  • The ewe from here

    A big cost to any breeding enterprise is the feed that is consumed by the dams. Ewes eat a lot to just maintain themselves. But the longer that they are not being fed above maintenance the less ... Read More
  • Reproductive well-being of your dairy herd

    A critical factor in the financial performance of your dairy herd is how effectively they become pregnant following calving. In the extreme, a cow that does not conceive means no milk next season ... Read More
  • BVD in beef herds

    On many of our farms BVD remains a much greater risk to productivity and animal health than the recent M. bovis outbreak.  BVD can appear and in many shapes and forms, or it can remain hidd... Read More

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