• Looking ahead

    Possible animal health issues and tasks to consider and reminders for August include…   Dairy Calving will be well underway on most farms and hopefully your transition plan h... Read More
  • The cost of calf scours

    Calf scours is an expensive and time-consuming disease which strikes at the busiest time of the year. Costs incurred involve not only treatment expenses and calf losses but also precious time cost... Read More
  • Is your bull up to the job?

    Bull fertility testing is an essential service to ensure that your bull is capable of doing what he is bred to do – getting your cows in calf. This testing ensures you are minimising any iss... Read More
  • Beating pulpy kidney and tetanus

    Lambs are born with very few antibodies and rely on antibodies in the ewe’s colostrum for protection against common diseases including pulpy kidney and tetanus. Vaccinating ewes just prior... Read More
  • Phantom cows

    She was observed to be on heat, she was put up for insemination and she was not observed in heat again. When pregnancy tested, she was empty. Detecting these cows earlier will provide a much bet... Read More
  • Old age isn’t a disease… but arthritis is

    Did you know that 80% of dogs over 8yrs old are likely to have arthritis? That’s a huge number. Arthritis can be difficult to detect; it’s not like acute pain when there is a sudden ... Read More
  • Deer scanning

    The ongoing dry conditions through autumn have made mating a challenge this year; this is being reflected in our hind scanning results. Mobs of hinds with low average body condition score gene... Read More
  • Calf disbudding

    In response to a changing public perception around on-farm practices in dairying and ensuring the welfare of calves, new regulations came into force on 1 October 2019 that require local anesthetic... Read More
  • Trace minerals and your cow

    Trace element nutrition is sometimes seen as the realms of the rep who is trying to flog the latest and greatest product to hit the market. Many involved with livestock see trace elements as bei... Read More
  • The transition period

    Within the next few weeks, dairy farmers will start drafting up their springer mobs. This will allow closer monitoring and management of cows that are near calving and entering the transition p... Read More

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