• Eliminating the Risk of Abamectin Residues in Milk

    In 2020, Oceania Dairies in the South Island banned the use of abamectin based drench products in lactating dairy cows after abamectin residues were detected in UHT milk products imported into Chi... Read More
  • Transition Time

    Traditionally the period from three to four weeks before calving through to three to four weeks following calving has been considered the transition period. This is a period where as much as 80%... Read More
  • Pre lamb treatment for ewes

    Given the high prices that have been realized for lambs over the last few seasons and the high scanning rates currently being achieved it is worth paying particular attention to pre lamb treatment... Read More
  • Winter working dog health

    Keeping working dogs warm overnight is an important aspect of husbandry that can sometimes be overlooked. When the ambient temperature inside the kennel drops below 20°C – not that cold!... Read More
  • Spring First Aid Seminar

    Looking to upskill your staff? Totally Vets' Spring First Aid Seminar provides the ideal chance for inexperienced staff to learn new skills or for more experienced staff to refresh their knowledge... Read More
  • Making the most of scanning

    Actions to take at ewe pregnancy scanning The most important action to take at scanning is to take off multiple ewes that are light. That is, those below body condition score 3. These ewes can b... Read More
  • The Traffic Light System

    Life is getting a little simpler when coming into our clinics following the changes to the COVID Protection Framework.  With the COVID Protection Framework becoming simpler, pet owners ... Read More
  • Facial Eczema Risk Bulletin

    for week ended 30 May 2022   Feilding Awapuni Dannevirke Pahiatua Taumarunui Levin   No. of sites monitored: 2     2   ... Read More
  • The importance of lepto vaccination in dairy herds

    Leptospirosis, or lepto as it is commonly called, is a zoonosis – i.e. a disease of animals that can be transferred to humans   The disease in cattle Cattle and other livestock ca... Read More
  • Winter starts on the 1st of February

    The financial and productive performance of sheep and beef (and deer) farms is very dependent on how well we can capitalise on the ‘cheap’ high quality grass that grows in spring. Fo... Read More

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