Horses and tetanus

Tetanus is caused by Clostridial bugs that are present everywhere in the soil and many animals (sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, alpacas etc) are often routinely vaccinated to protect them from it. 

Please note that to be fully protected against tetanus, horses require tetanus TOXOID which is different from tetanus TAT. 

A full vaccination course for horses consists of a series of three injections... an initial shot, a booster after four weeks, and then one a year later.  From then on one vaccination every five years will ensure ongoing protection.  The TAT shot ONLY GIVES THREE WEEKS protection and is generally used in unvaccinated horses at times of risk (for example if your horse has a foot abscess, wound, or at foaling). 

If your horse has a wound and not had a toxoid booster within the last 12 months, an additional toxoid booster may be recommended by your vet.

The cost of vaccination is minimal compared to the potential risks so call your vet to discuss a vaccination and animal health plan for your horse today!


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