The Burmese

The dog of the cat world

The Burmese cat (in Thai meaning fortunate, beautiful and splendid) is a breed of domesticated cat with two subsets - American and British.

Most modern Burmese are descendants of one female cat called Wong Mau who was brought from Burma to America in 1930.  The British build tends to be more oriental with a triangular face while the American is stockier and rounder in body, head, eyes and feet.  The Burmese ranges from four to six kilograms in weight, even though the breed is a lot heavier than they first appear.

The most recognised colours are the six full colours:  the original brown/sable (a rich brown mahogany colour), chocolate/champagne (a light cream chocolate colour), blue (steel/grey), lilac/platinum (light dove-grey), red (mandarin-coloured) and cream (very light warm red).

They have yellow or gold eyes but the most characteristic feature of the Burmese is their amazing coat.  It is short, fine, sleek and glossy, lying close to the body and satin-like in feel and texture.  The coat is easy to care for and a simple pat is often enough to groom it.

A Burmese cat is a wonderful companion and makes an excellent pet.  They adapt well in large noisy households, quickly becoming part of a family.  They are an intelligent breed with a boisterous, lively and alert nature.  Burmese cats are also individual, playful, fun-loving and mostly even-tempered and they thrive on company, both adult and children, and other pets alike.

Often dubbed the "dog of the cat world", the Burmese is extremely people-orientated.  Their personalities are almost dog-like as they have a tendency to shadow their owners and a desire to give and receive attention.  They are known to retrieve items during games and are comfortable travelling in cars.  They do however have an inclination to climb curtains to reach high places and like sitting on the tops of doors.


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