Deer scanning

Pregnancy scanning deer - Scanning of hinds is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of your fawning.

It can be used as a tool to remove empty hinds to save feeding them over the winter, identify potential stag failures early, identify early and late fawners (see comments below) and provides valuable information if you need to investigate a low fawning to weaning percentage - were they ever in fawn to begin with?

To get the most out of your hind scanning it is essential that you plan carefully to ensure that it is carried out at the appropriate time. Hinds can be diagnosed as pregnant from about 30 days of pregnancy onwards. After about 120 days of pregnancy, it may still be possible to scan a hind and pick up a pregnancy however they can be missed and incorrectly diagnosed as empty because an advanced pregnancy has a tendency to fall deep into the abdomen. In deer, we do not have the luxury of inserting an arm into the rectum to check!

In other words, scan your hinds at least 30 days after stag removal and before 120 days after he was introduced. For example, with a three cycle mating, there is only a three-week window for optimal scanning. If stag goes in on March 10 and is removed on May 13, the window for scanning is June 13 to July 8.

Pregnancies can be aged to separate late versus early fawners but this needs to be done as early in the scanning window as possible (as close to 30 days after stag removal as possible).

If you are going to scan your hinds this year please book in early to optimise your timing, and feel free to discuss the timing of scanning, suitability of your facilities and the help required with us in person at the clinic or give us a call.


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