Jessica Holly

Meet Stormy ("Lady Grey"), my 3 year-old ball of gorgeous grey fluff.  Storm had a very rough start to life after falling ill at a pet store, and this resulted in her requiring veterinary attention.

She was diagnosed with Panleukopenia virus and also Salmonella poisoning, and due to the intensive care nursing required she was unable to return to the pet store.  She was very underweight for a 3 month-old, and she required syringe feeding frequently, multiple medications and fluid therapy.  

She had to stay at the clinic for weeks during her recovery.  She was so small that one night I left work and when I returned in the morning she was not in her cage!  She had managed to slide through the cage bars and was waiting for me at the door when I arrive, meowing profusely.  I was sure I would be in trouble taking her home but she had stolen my heart - I couldn't help but adopt her.

With a lot of TLC she started to look and feel a whole lot better and today Storm is a very gentle, happy and healthy cat.  

I can always count on Storm to be my faithful alarm clock in the morning - not so that I don't miss work but so that she doesn't miss a meal.  Her favourite activities are stopping the birds from getting the bread thrown out on the lawn and waiting to receive brushes.  

My fur-baby Storm fits really well into my lifestyle keeps and me on the go.

Baby Storm Adult Storm
Baby Storm                                 Adult Storm

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