Drenching deer

We know that to reduce the rate of development of resistant worms, combination anthelmintic products are better than single active.

The problem with drenching of deer is that no combination products have been through the process required for labelling. This has resulted in an overuse of single active pour-on drenches having been used in deer in New Zealand and hence an increasing resistance in the worm population.

The saviour here is that vets can recommend an "off-label" product as there is no licensed alternative that is appropriate. Given this, we recommend the use of a triple combination that can be achieved by one of two options:

  1. Matrix C at one and a half times the recommended dose rate
  2. Moxidectin injection (such as Exodus®1% injection or Cydectin®) at a dose rate of 1ml per 50kg PLUS a 50:50 mix of Oxfen®C plus and Oxfen®C given orally at a dose rate of 1ml per 5kg

Unfortunately, and importantly, both of these options require withholding the meat products from human consumption for 91 days.


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