Puppy Primary

As well as our hugely popular Puppy Preschool, did you know we also offer Puppy Primary classes?

This course follows directly on from Puppy Preschool, has been designed and is taught by Sandy. This course is designed to reaffirm all the basic commands and behaviours your puppy has learnt so far and also to teach a few new ones with LOTS of fun along the way.

Dress up games (people and dogs!), obstacle courses, relay races, prizes, loads more freebies and a fun session out at a local park... the classes are held on a Monday or Tuesday night and the course follows the same format as Puppy Preschool (one class weekly for four weeks). The prerequisite for attendance is that you have also attended our Puppy Preschool, this way we know that all the puppies and people will be at the same level. 

Positive puppy socialisation and training is vitally important, and training certainly doesn't end at the completion of a puppy class - that is the very beginning. To start your new puppy off on the right paw, don't delay and sign up for our puppy classes today.


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