The barren mare

A barren mare is a mare that is not pregnant at the end of the breeding season. It is advisable to perform a pre-breeding examination on these mares before the start of the breeding season to identify potential problems.

Successful treatment of these mares can take weeks or even months so it is advisable to start early. An examination can reveal ovarian problems such as tumours; uterine problems such as infections or fluid accumulation; damage to the cervix or poor conformation of the vulva requiring Caslick surgery.  Microbial cultures of the uterus or uterine biopsies may be necessary to determine the best method of treatment and to give an indication of the likelihood that she will breed successfully.

Any parasite problems should be addressed and the mare's plane of nutrition adjusted so that she is not lacking condition or carrying excess condition.  It is beneficial for mares to come out of winter in a weight-gaining state to encourage early cycling and fertility.  Studies indicate that mares entering the breeding season in low condition require more cycles per conception, have lower conception rates and are slower into their transition into normal cycles compared to mares in good condition. 

An annual dental examination will identify any dental problems that could be a cause of poor condition or weight loss. Our vets at Totally Vets have additional training and specialised equipment allowing us to provide a complete dentistry service. Read more

Please give us a call if you have a mare that requires a pre-breeding examination.


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