Broodmare management

In order to facilitate the management of spring broodmares at the start of the breeding season (1st September for Thoroughbreds), the following checklist is essential.

Dry Mares

  • Pre-mating examination to identify problem mares
  • Caslick surgery if required, previous Caslicks may need to be opened before mating
  • Worm treatment
  • Assess body condition
  • Dental examination
  • Consider artificial lights to accelerate transition period
  • Vaccinations - start a vaccination programme or have booster vaccinations for tetanus, strangles, salmonella and herpes

Pregnant Mares

  • Feed supplementation (eg NRM balancer nuts) for last third of pregnancy
  • Caslicks may need to be opened
  • Worm treatment
  • Check selenium levels
  • Assess body condition
  • Booster vaccination - tetanus, strangles, salmonella (a month before foaling)
  • Early introduction to foaling environment to reduce stress levels around foaling
  • Organise a foaling alarm or send mare away to foaling facility

Totally Vets will provide you with a complete breeding service from pre-breeding examination up to foaling and discuss vaccination and worming options and design programmes to suit your mare.  We offer a complete dental service including sedation if required and have foaling alarms available for hire to our clients.


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