Size of yearlings at sale time

Selling yearlings at auction is all about producing horses that are appealing to buyers.  But what do buyers want?

Many factors such as pedigree, conformation and racing performance of siblings are very important to the price that a yearling will command.  All these factors aside, there are other factors that influence a buyer's mind.

It has been shown that the ideal body condition score of yearlings at sale time is 3.5  on a  0-5 scale (between good and fat).  Colts tend to sell better than fillies and for the fillies, age tends to play a role.  Yearlings that sell above their sale session average are likely to be more heavily muscled athletic looking animals (ie heavier but not fatter).  This ‘look' is gained through a combination of genetics, nutrition and exercise. 

All these factors aside, a low body condition score is less likely to meet buyers' expectations.  Before heading to sale, it is therefore important to provide a high-quality feed so as to gain such condition.

We are able to provide you with advice on nutrition, body condition scoring and general health.

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