Totally Vets and Headlands dairy farm consultancy service

In a farming system, it is essential to understand the implications both within the farm gate and outside, for each decision that you make on farm. In a business setting that is constantly changing, you must consider and manage multiple factors so as to remain and thrive in business.

Market volatility, climatic influences, evolving environmental management compliance requirements, cost of production, profitability, and the resilience of the business, not to mention the return on capital invested in the business, are all important considerations.

Lindsay Rowe and Peter Aitken, both experienced veterinarians and partners in Totally Vets Ltd, are Headlands trained and certified dairy farm consultants who are able to guide and support you through this maze and to help you achieve the goals you have set for your farming business. Lindsay has been part of this group for 18 years and Peter has now added Headlands consultancy to his veterinary clinical role.

Being a part of our veterinary team as well as the Headlands consultancy team you can be sure that the advice they are providing is rigorously tested and refined to ensure that it is practical, professional and profitable.

Working as part of a team is invaluable in providing a sounding board to test and check our advice and to ensure that it is the latest approach and best practice for our farming client’s business.

The “lone ranger” vet/consultant is always at risk of providing advice that has not been tested and tried by colleagues as to its correctness, effectiveness, or profitability.

As Headlands consultants, we understand the complexities that management decisions and weather conditions have on your pasture production as well as on your farm financial and environmental performance.

Through our regular visits, we can provide practical and proven advice on the key drivers of profitability, resilience, and sustainability by measuring and monitoring the performance of your farm. This in turn provides guidance on the appropriate management decisions required to meet the goals of the farming enterprise.

After each farm visit, we will provide a comprehensive report on the current farm performance along with the recommendations we have discussed during the visit.

We will use tools such as UDDER, Rumen8, OVERSEER, GDF and DAIRYLINC to measure and record the current farm situation and nutritional status of the herd before modelling and testing the various scenarios that may be possible and their outcome on production, profit and the environment. This should result in effective and timely management decisions being made that will lead to a satisfying, workable, profitable, and sustainable farming business enterprise.

If you think you would benefit from this service and want to know more you can have a chat to your vet or contact Lindsay and Peter directly at or

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