Take the hurt out of inflammation this spring

Reducing pain and inflammation is central to humans when recovering from injury or illness. Whether we reach for a Panadol, rub on an anti-inflammatory gel or we are prescribed anti-inflammatories these are essential medicines whether it’s for a sprained ankle, a torn hamstring, a broken arm, disease, surgery or recovery after prolonged childbirth.

We are now recognising the importance of incorporating similar treatments for farm animals. As with humans, so with cows and calves. Their natural inflammation response kicks in just like ours when they’re sick or injured.

Sometimes it’s obvious, in the form of red, swollen, tender tissue, resulting from the likes of an assisted calving. Sometimes it’s not – calf scours, for example, causes internal inflammation and can be so painful that calves cease drinking milk.

Either way, the results are usually the same. Inflammatory pain puts even ‘tough’ and stoic animals – like cows – off their game. They eat less, they don’t move so well, their fertility drops, and they stop producing or growing as well as they should.

For cattle, we utilise a range of injectable painkiller and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (which we refer to as NSAIDs). KetoMax is a short-acting product with a nil milk with-holding period while MeloxiVet and Melovem provide a longer anti-inflammatory effect. Melovem is a more concentrated version of MeloxiVet and both products have an 84-hour milk with-hold.

It’s all about speeding up the recovery process.

As we issue scripts for the new season, we will be recommending the on-farm use of KetoMax and MeloxiVet/Melovem for assisted calvings, in lame cows, and as part of mastitis treatments and treatments for sick cows.

Those who have already utilised these products comment on how quickly animals can bounce back when pain and on how inflammation, and fever is reduced.

Whether it’s an assisted calving, a down cow or an animal that’s just off colour, proactive pain relief helps give your girls the best chance of a healthy, productive season.

A farmer who uses KetoMax in his cows for pain relief puts it best: “A cow in our herd gives $10 a day worth of milk. It’s important to us that every cow is back grazing and in full production as quickly as possible.”

Calves likewise benefit from pain relief – that’s why we always recommend a long-acting injection of MeloxiVet/Melovem for disbudding, and for prompt recovery from calf scours.

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