Telemedicine Consultations

For bona fide clients of either Totally Vets Feilding or Awapuni Clinics as well as referrals from other practices, from Monday 30 March we are also offering Telemedicine Consultations for your pet via phone or videocall. A regular consultation fee will be charged for this service and if medications are required these will be made ready to pick up from the Feilding Clinic or by courier if this service is available.

If an in-clinic assessment of your pet is recommended by the Telemedicine veterinarian, there will be no extra consultation charge for this. To book a Telemedicine consultation with one of our experienced veterinarians, please call Feilding on 06 323 6161. In preparation for your telemedicine appointment, please see below to find instructions and recommendations on how to get the best out of your Telemedicine Consultation.

How to book a telemedicine consult

Step 1.

Call Totally Vets Feilding at 06 323 6161. Our friendly admin team will ask you some initial questions including checking we have your correct contact phone number and email address for the online consult. They will then book you an appointment.

Step 2.

The Vet will send an invite for a Microsoft teams online meeting to your email address. If you don’t receive this please remember to check your spam folder etc. (This could take up to 30mins to arrive after your initial call.)

Step 3.

Reply to the email with a description of the problem and any photos or video you believe the vet would like to see and description of what is in the photo.

Step 4.

Prepare for the scheduled consult. Here is a link to a PDF with some instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams.
pdf Telemedicine Teams Guide (0.15MB)
Make sure you try to join the meeting early to ensure your camera, microphone and speakers are working correctly. You will wait in the lobby until the vet invites you into the meeting.

Step 5.

Don’t panic if you can’t get the technology to work. Remember we asked you for both a contact number and your email right back at the start. If you can’t get the computer to work we can give you a call. This is why it is also important to reply to the email with videos and photos and written descriptions.

Step 6.

Follow the vet’s instructions for your next steps. This may include dropping by the clinic to pick up prescriptions/products, a non-contact delivery, taking your animal into the clinic for further diagnoses or it may be your animal is fine and you can rest easy.

An Important note

This method of delivering consults is just as new to our vets as it is to you. So we understand this may be difficult. We will continue to be patient, kind and caring during this difficult time.

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