12 Aug 2020

Level 2

We are committed to the protection of customers and our people while maintaining a high standard of care for our patients.

At Level 2 we can still let you through our doors. This comes with a few guidelines so please read below for more information.


A GR code is available in all of our branches for Covid-19 tracing.


For the benefit of yourself, other customers, and our people, please practice physical distancing and keep 2 metres from others. Please follow any instructions from our vets and any other staff members and be aware of the signage in our branches.


Please follow the good hygiene practices recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Do use the hand sanitisers we have provided, and we encourage good respiratory hygiene when coughing or sneezing.

If you are feeling unwell with flu like symptoms or are self-isolating and you require veterinary services for your animals or you need a product, please call our clinic so we can assess the best way to proceed.


Payment by card and contactless payment is preferred in our clinics.

Payment by cash or cheque is discouraged.


While in clinic please follow the COVID-19 safety protocols and any advice we may give to keep both you and ourselves safe.


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