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Eyevet Services is a referral ophthalmic service that provides facilities and expertise pertaining to animal eye conditions, not readily available in most veterinary practices. Because of this, their efforts can provide answers and help in solving some of the many problems which can affect the eye.

Diseases of the eye in companion animals are many and varied. Specialist practice can involve surgery of lids, cornea, lens (cataract) and diagnosis of a variety of genetically determined diseases. To assist in the diagnosis and treatment of these problems, they use a large range of technical instruments and skills which are also used in treating human eye problems.

By collaborating with your own veterinarian and using their skills and knowledge, they hope they can go a long way to making a final diagnosis and treatment plan for your animal’s eye problem and continued eye health. 


Craig Irving

Craig’s full-time occupation is in Veterinary Ophthalmology which involves treating problems in cats, dogs, horses and a variety of zoo and wildlife animals. He teaches Ophthalmic medicine and surgery to 3rd, 4th and 5th year Veterinary Science students at Massey University, and is involved in running refresher courses in Ophthalmology for practising veterinarians from around New Zealand. Craig is currently registered as a Specialist Veterinary Ophthalmologist with the New Zealand Veterinary Association. Currently there are three such specialists in New Zealand.


Petra Price

Petra is a Veterinary Ophthalmology Resident enrolled in a Fellowship through the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. Through completion of this program Petra will gain the necessary credentials to achieve registration as a Specialist Veterinary Ophthalmologist in New Zealand. Petra spent eight years as a mixed animal veterinarian before deciding to specialise in ophthalmology, and has completed her Masters in Veterinary Medicine.


Leanne Norman

Leanne is our most recent addition to the team as a Veterinary Ophthalmology Intern.  She has spent many years in both mixed and companion animal practice through which she developed a keen interest in Ophthalmology.  She is enrolled in further study to gain qualifications in this area whilst honing her practical skill base at the clinic.


For general inquiries, please email:  craig@eyecarevet.com 

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