Canine Behavioural programme

Be the person your dog needs you to be.

This is quite a challenge to live up to in today’s fast paced demanding society for us as dog owners. Most of us are balancing many roles within our working and personal lives which at times can be stressful for us and our dogs.

Veterinary science has evolved like all spheres over the years taking on new ideas, research and experiences to make sure we are providing the best standard of care for all creatures no matter what species or disposition that come to us for help. With this in mind we feel its vitally important that we offer a behavioural program as well as clinical services.

We have a Canine Behavioural Practitioner on our team at Totally Vets – Sandy Fitzgerald.

Our mission at Totally Vets is to teach owners how to “listen” to their dogs and giving them the knowledge and tools to clearly communicate back. Two way communication opens doors regarding relationships and results in mutual trust, respect and harmony which will strengthen the bond you and your dog have for each other and ensure the well- being of all parties involved.

Sandy has been part of the team in our Feilding clinic for over 15 years in that time establishing our very successful Puppy Preschool and Puppy Primary classes to make sure we are providing the best possible grounding for this new relationship and how to communicate effectively and successfully with each other – human and puppy. Following on with our program for puppies we offer a free adolescent behavioural consult when puppies reach the challenging age of six months to help guide owners through this process in nurturing their dogs into being calm confidence adults in the future.

Sandy’s passion, expertise, knowledge and experience in the canine behavioural world means we can offer a completely personalised solution for our clients.
Understanding your dog and knowing how to control them, develop their individual potential as well as solving behavioural issues resulting from frustrations and emotional conflicts is just as essential as trust, respect and love.
Our goal is to provide long term solutions for owners struggling with unwanted and undesirable behaviour seen in dogs.

We provide one on one in home behaviour training consultations with the option of day training – which is an intensive three week program where Sandy will work with your dog to install all new commands, start on desensitisation and build a solid foundation for ongoing counter conditioning which removes the worry and stress for you as the owner. This constitutes twelve one hour sessions working on the issues that need addressing over a three week period, including an owner transfer session at the end of each week as the dog progresses.
These training options will be distinguished by and on the merits of each cases individual needs and requirements both for the dog and their owner to help provide the best service to ensure a successful outcome for all concerned.

Services include but not limited to:

  • Barking
  • Shy Dogs
  • Chewing
  • Aggression (dogs/people/territorial/situational/sibling rivalry)
  • Toilet training
  • Foundation command training
  • Unruly behaviour
  • Anxiety
  • Noise Phobia
  • Digging

Please call us if you would like to know more about how Sandy can help you and your dog.


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