Fergus' magic trick

Like all dogs, Fergus loves to play. He plays with toys, sticks, balls, whatever he can get his paws on. Unfortunately for Fergus, play time wasn’t all fun and games when fetch ended in a trip to the vets.

FergusFergus, a young and bouncy Labrador retriever, arrived at the clinic with a sore belly and a funny story to tell. While training in the park with his mum, Fergus decided his tennis ball looked like a tasty snack. Unfortunately for our golden boy, not everything that looks yummy should be eaten. With some unbelievable skill, Fergus had managed to squish his ball so small that he was able to swallow it whole. Now that’s impressive!

Now if you can imagine. The oesophagus is a long thin tube where the food travels down to the stomach. The food that is swallowed is usually chewed up into small pieces. Things weren't quite that simple for young Fergus. At the vet clinic, we deal with similar situations often by making the animal vomit up the foreign object. In this case, we had no such luck. When Fergus swallowed his lucky ball, the ball was squeezed so tight it slipped down easily, but once the ball reinflated to its normal size, there was no coming back up (or down). We only had one option... surgery.

Fergus’ surgery involved opening up his stomach to retrieve the ball. With a little tender loving care he was up and about in no time. With a now empty tummy, he was ready to get back to his favourite past-time... eating!

We'll be looking forward to whenever Fergus next visits us at the vet clinic, and be hoping for a tail wag and a big kiss. We are all glad he is back to his normal cheeky self. Hopefully next time he ROLLS by, he'll have a BOUNCE in his step!


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