Facial Eczema Risk Bulletin

for week ended 26 May 2019

 No. of sites monitored:   8   
 Average Spore Count:   145,000  
 Highest Spore Count:   965,000  
 Lowest Spore Count:   10,000  
 Weekly Rainfall (mm):      (Source: AgResearch PN)
 No. Days Grass Min Temp > 12°C    (Source: AgResearch PN)
 Weekly Ave Grass Min Temp:    (Source: AgResearch PN)
Facial Eczema Risk Rating: MODERATE/LOW

Last week we had an extreme spore count of 965,000 sp/gm on a non-sentinel farm near Rongotea. This was unexpected at this time of year and has been resampled this week with a result of 350,000 sp/gm. Hopefully it will continue to decline with the anticipated weather conditions.

For anyone with concerns about the condition of their animals or the possible impact of facial eczema at times of stress, such as lambing or calving time, ring the clinic or have a chat to your vet the next time they are on farm.

Check the table below for all site results. 

North South Sentinel Farms

SCT #19 2019

CF #16 2019

GMT #16 2019

Sentinel Farms 2019

Click here for advice on facial eczema prevention from Totally Vets.

Click on the link to download this bulletin as a PDF: pdf FE Risk Bulletin #19 2019 (0.32MB)

Spore counts can vary greatly between properties and even between paddocks.  We encourage farmers to bring in grass samples to get a more accurate idea of the facial eczema risk on their own property.  Contact Totally Vets if you would like more information on bringing in your own samples for testing.  

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