Looking ahead

Potential animal health issues, tasks to consider and reminders for March include…


  • Cow condition – as feed tightens monitor cow condition. Do not let it fall too low.
  • Clinical mastitis – monitor cows and be aware of rising bulk milk somatic cell count (BMSCC) particularly now feed is reducing, and milk volume is decreasing.
  • Pink eye – monitor for early signs of discharge from, or white spots on, eye(s) in this hot dry dusty weather.
  • Facial eczema – preventative zinc treatment should be in place.
  • Autumn calving – prepare calving equipment in case of need. Plan calf disbudding and 7 in 1 vaccination.


  • Barbers pole – continue to monitor for signs of disease (pale gums, depressed, exercise intolerant, increased breathing) and drench appropriately.
  • Mating begins – ensure all ram palpations/testing have been completed and reproductive vaccinations done. Monitor plane of nutrition and ensure adequate ram ratios.
  • Fly/Lice – remain vigilant for signs of flystrike (restless, rubbing, twitching tail, “wet” patches on wool) and fly/lice control at shearing if not done already.
  • Facial eczema – as per under dairy.


  • Leptospirosis and Yersiniosis – depending on birth date, now is a good time to give fawns their first lepto shot, along with Yersiniavax® for Yersiniosis.


  • Weanling management – consider need for branding, identification/registration and vaccinating, and ensure excellent nutrition over this potentially stressful period.
  • Parasite control – now is a good time to ensure elimination of tapeworms and cyathostomes with a good drench!
  • Dental care – the next couple of months are a good time to get your horses teeth checked. Firstly, with low grazing residuals due to the dry conditions horses are forced to graze down low. Secondly, and particularly for elderly horses, having teeth in good order before winter helps maintenance of body condition through the winter months.
  • Vaccinations – make sure your vaccinations are up to date (see our Wound Wise story).


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