Farm Animals

Totally Vets has the capacity to care for many different species of animals. Within our team of more than 25 vets, you will find those that are dedicated to servicing production animals, ensuring that you get the best vet for the job. 

This area of the website is dedicated to farming personnel. It contains information that has been written or selected by our large animal vets to help you care for and increase the productivity of your farm animals.

Totally Vets continually adds new articles and updates existing ones to provide you with a free and comprehensive information resource.


Looking ahead

Potential animal health issues, tasks to consider and reminders. Read more... 



A monthly publication about the production animals on your farm.

Totally Vets sends a printed newsletter free of charge to all our  large animal clients. We also produce an email version of this newsletter that is available to the general public.

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Latest Farm Animal Articles

  • Calf disbudding – why is this important?

    Farm Animals

    To enable the humane, safe and effective management of animals, and to minimise tissue damage and pain, horns should be prevented from

  • Looking ahead

    Farm Animals

    Potential animal health issues, tasks to consider and reminders for August include… DEER Deer farmers will be well aware that the

  • Spring time vet appointments

    Farm Animals

    With the busy spring season upon us here’s a quick reminder of the requirements our customer service staff need to provide

  • Peri-calving mastitis

    Farm Animals

    Peri-calving mastitis is defined as a case of mastitis in the first seven days post-calving, and often occurs due to oedematous (swollen) udders and

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