May 2011 newsletter

Take-home messages from the Wallingford hall!

A huge thank you to all who turned out to make up a big crowd for our first day at the
Wallingford Hall!

Everyone involved in the organisation of the day was rapt to see such a good turnout (135+), and there were excellent questions, discussion and debate.

This newsletter hopefully distills the ‘take-home messages' from each speaker into easy to digest summaries. There was a huge amount of material presented in the fertiliser talk by Alec McKay so this has made the newsletter rather long! There are also handouts available based on each speaker's slideshow, which Richmond Beetham will be sending out.

Thanks for your interest and participation; if you have any feedback or would like your name (or your neighbours' or mates' names) added to the circulation list for this programme, get in touch with me!


Ginny Dodunski
Totally Vets Ltd
(027) 231 2255

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