Totally Vets offers the complete range of health and production services for all beef enterprises from traditional cow-calf breeding herds through to high performance finishing services.

From a veterinary angle, the emphasis these days is as much on animal disease prevention as it is on actual treatment. By working closely with clients to identify their animal health and performance goals, we aim to develop farm-specific animal health programmes and strategies that take much of the guesswork out of their beef farming enterprise. In building such a farm profile, it leads us to tailor advice that is based on best practice and best science and focused on achieving these goals.

At Totally Vets, we offer a comprehensive range of beef health services, advice, and support in such areas as:


Whole herd production and health planning

For everything from trace mineral testing to advice on maximising returns on a finishing station.

Breeding herd reproductive services

From traditional pregnancy testing and ultrasound scanning through to AI and a tailored bull testing service.

Internal parasite management programmes

Diagnosis, prevention and control programmes to suit varied beef enterprises.

Tb testing

Can be taken by request.

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