Modern dairy farming is big business.  It also remains a way of rural life integral to the financial well-being of the country. As a business, it should be about maximising performance from key farming resources - the animals, the land, and the people - in the quest for profit.

It's about being proactive and being prepared, about monitoring, reviewing and fine-tuning the farming operation and about investing, for example, in sound animal health advice and planning.

From a veterinary angle, the emphasis these days is as much on animal disease prevention as it is on actual treatment. By working closely with clients to identify their animal health and performance goals, we aim to develop farm-specific animal health programmes and strategies that take much of the guesswork out of their dairy farming enterprise. In building such a farm profile, it leads us to tailor advice that is based on best practice and best science and focused on achieving these goals.

At Totally Vets, we offer a comprehensive range of dairy health services, advice, and support in such areas as:


Herd reproductive management

Transition feeding, strategic condition scoring, applied breeding technologies (metrichecking, ‘why wait', non-cycling cow programs, synchronisation, bull soundness, etc), training of key personnel, pregnancy testing, performance evaluation, benchmarking and review, etc.

Milk quality management

Diagnosis and treatment of mastitis, trouble-shooting (e.g. gradebusting), evaluation of milking systems and processes, use and interpretation of data (eg bulk milk somatic cell count, herd test somatic cell counts), farm staff training, performance evaluation and review, strategic planning (e.g. dry cow consultation and prescription), dairy industry liaison, etc.

Lameness management

Examination, diagnosis and treatment of lame animals, data recording and evaluation, farm staff training/instruction in all aspects of lameness, environment assessment (races, yards, cowshed, stockmanship), facilities assessment, etc.

Nutritional management

Feed budgeting, condition scoring, Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) feed component testing, ration evaluation and balancing, mineral monitoring, supplement options, milk component profiling, interpreting data (e.g. herd test production data), etc. As an Intelact consultant, Lindsay Rowe provides clients with a broadly based approach to herd and pasture management, tailoring solutions to improve individual farm performance and profitability.

Replacement rearing

All aspects of calf rearing and post-weaning management, including parasite control, nutrition, growth rate monitoring and evaluation, trace mineral monitoring and supplementation, yearling mating programs, etc.

General disease prevention

For all stock classes, vaccination strategies (incl. Leptospirosis, Rotavec K99), facial eczema control, bloat control, ryegrass staggers, bulk milk disease screening (eg liver fluke, BVD), etc.

Ambulatory response calls

To sick or injured animals, and others requiring veterinary attention.

Such services and advice can be delivered separately in module form or packaged together in a more holistic way to address health, performance, and welfare issues at management level where objectives are identified, targets are set, and key decisions are made.

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