General Medicine and Surgery

Totally Vets focuses both your and our energies on reducing the need for emergency veterinary services to treat sick and injured or distressed animals. Unfortunately, as the old adage says "where there are live ones there are dead ones", emergency services will always be one of Totally Vets' areas of service. Caring for animals is a significant aspect of the picture New Zealand primary industries wish to convey to our international markets.

Bull fertility testing

Totally Vets offers a comprehensive bull fertility testing service that provides semen evaluation, as well as an assessment of the penis, libido and ability to mount. Read more

Sheep Scanning

Premier Breeding Services and Totally Vets can tell you what your ewes are carrying - the key then is to make the best use of this information in the way those animals are managed for the rest of their pregnancy and on into lambing. We have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and practical experience in making the most of this information.

Besides feed prioritisation, knowing what ewes are carrying will also allow for the multiples to be born into the most suitable paddocks on the farm in order to enhance lamb survival in bad weather and to minimise mismothering of twins and triplets.

For further information on Premier Breeding Services ultrasound pregnancy scanning service or advisory services contact or phone 06 323 6161. Read more

Reproductive Services

Dairy cow fertility is a key focus area for farmers looking to improve on-farm profitability. The InCalf Programme, funded by New Zealand dairy farmers through their DairyNZ levy, puts the value of each 1% improvement in six-week in-calf rate at $4 per cow in the herd and each 1% reduction in empty rate at $10 per cow. This means that a 300 cow herd improving six-week in-calf rate by 8% and empty rate by 3% could add $18,600 to the bottom line. The InCalf Programme allows for measured improvement in herd reproductive performance by following a four-step process for effecting change in herd reproductive performance.

  • Assess and measure current herd reproductive performance
  • Identify the scope for improvement and the likely benefits
  • Determine the options for change. Select the best option(s)
  • Implement the chosen changes

Like the Healthy Hoof Programme, assessing and measuring what's happening now allows a diagnosis of the issues, a logical progression to remedy those issues and a means of comparing back to measure improvements. In other words, it takes the guesswork out of it and bases decisions to change on what is known. Silver bullets haven't worked!

Farmers register with DairyNZ and choose their support provider via:
Totally Vets

Free Phone 0800 4 DairyNZ


Lameness is caused by the interaction of many factors and as a result, requires sustained effort to improve. There is no one quick fix!  The Healthy Hoof Programme is a simple, stepwise approach to managing lameness on dairy farms caused by physical factors. It consists of 5 key steps that each farm takes with the support of a trained Totally Vets programme provider.

The purpose of the programme is to help farmers reduce lame cows through improved management of cows and people! Despite the fact that many dairy farmers have an understanding of the physical factors that cause lameness, poor cow flow and stockmanship are still not being addressed on many farms.

The main benefits of the Healthy Hoof Programme are realised through the diagnostic visit and training provided by Totally Vets. Farmers will be required to pay for the provider's time in supporting them through Healthy Hoof, but the learning resources are supplied free of charge to all New Zealand dairy farmers.

Farmers register with DairyNZ and choose their support provider via:
Totally Vets

Free Phone 0800 4 DairyNZ


Headlands is a leading Dairy Farm Consultancy Service offering an integrated farm systems and business management approach to dairy farming. The Headlands consultancy group has wide-ranging expertise and leading-edge technology that is designed to improve the profit for dairy farmers throughout New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.


No. 8 HR service

Recognising that recruiting good people and managing them well is a significant component of a successful dairy farming business, Intelact have developed a Human Resource service, No.8 HR. You can now access No.8 HR as part of our Headlands farm consultancy. Read more

In-house laboratory services

We can perform in-house diagnostics including facial eczema, nitrates, faecal egg counts, lungworm, milk cultures, milk powder curd tests, and limited calf scour tests.

Anne, our dedicated lab tech at Feilding, is available to talk to you about collecting samples and discussing costs of tests and prides herself on getting results out to farmers quickly.

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