For the passionate dog owner, Totally Vets has included topical features on dog care and maintenance.  

Puppy Preschool

Just as society expects our children to have good manners, we also need to teach our puppies how to behave in different situations, so that they grow into friendly and confident adult dogs.  Read more


Puppy Primary

This course follows directly on from Puppy Preschool, has been designed and is taught by Sandy. This course is designed to reaffirm all the basic commands and behaviours your puppy has learnt so far and also to teach a few new ones with LOTS of fun along the way.  Read more


Canine Behavioural Programme

Our mission at Totally Vets is to teach owners how to “listen” to their dogs and giving them the knowledge and tools to clearly communicate back. Two way communication opens doors regarding relationships and results in mutual trust, respect and harmony which will strengthen the bond you and your dog have for each other and ensure the well- being of all parties involved. Read more


Totally Groomed

The grooming team are a passionate and experienced team who strive to ensure your pet's comfort and happiness while they are here and ensure they leave the salon looking their very best.  Read more


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