Totally Vets offers a range of small animal services, many of which all tie into "wellness" - the quest for all of our pets to be and stay well.

As humans, our decisions on diet, exercise and seeking medical opinions from health professionals are often aimed at maintaining optimum health and preventing illness and disease.  We must now ask ourselves if we are making the same decisions for our pets so that they can also enjoy optimum health for as long as possible.

Veterinary medicine has come a long way in preventing disease and optimising well-being in animals and the ‘ambulance approach' is no longer sufficient to satisfy our pets' needs.  Vaccination visits are the most familiar form of wellness medicine to most clients, but a 'parvo shot and worm pill' are just the beginning of the opportunities available to maintain health in your pet.

Our companion animal team has made the decision that our mission is to educate our clients sufficiently about the health of their pets so that they can make informed and timely decisions to delay the onset of disease for as long as possible.  When every visit to our clinic is looked at as an opportunity to exchange information on your pet's wellbeing, then we have moved a huge distance towards the quest for that pet to be ‘well' at all life stages.

A good physical examination and thorough history are the cornerstones of medical practice; however, to optimise the chances of providing good advice and education to our clients, we need to know as much as possible about the health status of the particular pet we are dealing with.  Many additional tools are at our disposal - laboratory testing can be used as a screening tool to pick up the early stages of many diseases, timely dental treatment prevents many health problems and dietary management can improve the quality of your pet's life.

So that being said, let the team at Totally Vets help you plan a wellness programme for your pet so that they can enjoy good health and, in return, enrich your life.  For more information on our range of services, follow the links from the Services dropdown and/or ring us at the Feilding clinic on 06 323 6161.


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