Totally Vets has the capacity to care for many different species of animals. Within our large team of veterinarians, you will find those that are dedicated to our equine friends, ensuring that you get the best vet for the job.

This area of the website is dedicated to horse owners.  It contains information that has been written or selected by our equine vets to help you care for your horses.

Totally Vets continually adds new articles and updates existing ones to provide you with a free and comprehensive information resource.


Latest Horse Articles

  • Winter and the horse’s hoof


    Feet issues are very common in the winter months due to the relentless wet.  Common problems we see include: Foot abscesses Often also

  • Equine gastric ulcer syndrome


    Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) refers to the presence of ulcers (a localized erosion) in the stomach of the horse.  The horse's

  • Equine metabolic syndrome


    Does your pony (or horse) have an abnormally cresty neck?  Is he more difficult than most to keep trim, or prone to developing laminitis or

  • Perennial ryegrass staggers


    This seasonal condition is caused by lolitrem, a fungal toxin, produced by an endophyte fungus found in ryegrass pastures and is NOT the same as

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