After caring for your pets all day long, the Totally Vets staff then go home to their own four (or two!) legged friends. We would like to introduce you to some of the furry members of the Totally Vets family.




owned by Helen R

Hazel was a gorgeous tiny bundle of stray fur that turned up at Totally Vets with a broken tail, when she was adopted by Helen.  She is strangely accident-prone having suffered a broken toe, another break to what remains of her tail and she has also had a case of struvite urinary crystals - luckily her mum is a vet nurse!  Her favourite things are her bean-bag, birds, the odd leaf and making her humans do her bidding.



Maple MacdonaldMAPLE
owned by Laura M

Maple is our marketing coordinator Laura's latest addition to her little family. She is a golden Labrador puppy and also goes by Miss Maple, Tiny Terror, Little Monster and "NODONTCHEWTHAT!" Her hobbies include gnawing on empty milk bottles, doing zoomies in the backyard, playing with her older labradoodle step sister Honey, and actively trying to throw herself off the couch or deck (much to her mother's horror). 







owned by Natasha K

Kevin was brought in to be put to sleep, but vet nurse Debbie thought he was such a cool guy that the nurses decided to rehome him. After a failed attempt in a new home, Natasha took him home for a long weekend and he’s still there to this day! She had always wanted a dog but instead got Kevin, so since living at hers he’s learnt to sit, high five and recently, do a spin!






Choppa 2CHOPPA

owned by Lorna S

Choppa is a typical Labrador whose favourite past times are eating, chasing his ball & swimming (in that order!). His nickname is Choppa Shloppa as he announces his presence with a sloppy lick to the back your legs and will then follow you around to check out what you are doing.   







owned by Lorna S

Lilly is a true lover of life, every person she meets is her new best friend as far as she is concerned! Lilly has helped her mum house sit for many people over the years and particularly enjoyed the more rural settings - the best fun is sneaking into paddocks to eat all the sheep poo! She loves to spend the day playing with her brother Choppa until she decides it's time for her third afternoon nap in the sun. 






owned by Debbie A

Sofina Morris was retired to our farm when she was 10 years old, but she has not retired her voice, and continues to sing us the song of her people when she wakes, when it's time to eat, when it's going for a walk time, when it's motorbike time, when it's going in the ute time, when she's got FOMO. Hates an early start and is the last one out of bed in the morning. Enjoys tanning and eating dead things.





owned by Debbie A

Lover of life, Reedo's hobbies include swimming in the dam, spooning his sisters Sofina and Moonie, and getting in the way. He was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia early in life, so he now lives the easy life.







owned by Sue P

Max is owned and loved by our procurement officer Sue. Here he is, playing 'hotel manager' and 'waiting for his guests', according to Sue's husband!





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