After caring for your pets all day long, the Totally Vets staff then go home to their own four (or two!) legged friends.  We would like to introduce you to some of the furry members of the Totally Vets family.



owned by Sandy

“My name is Chicktoria and I am a ‘Chicka-wow-wow’ lady… as you can see from my picture.  I put the hen in hen-pecked and I’m the reigning champion of my household.  Feed me or I WILL come in to the house and find you, and dogs – pfft – they may both be over 50kg but they don’t intimidate me - someone has to keep them in line.  I not only survived a Malamute attack, broken wing and all, but continued to lay eggs every day while I was recovering.”



owned by Catherine C

This is Fritz our Bedlington terrier poodle cross dog . He was found wandering the streets in England when we were working over there and as you can imagine when we returned home to New Zealand an extra air ticket was needed hence Fritz is now living in New Zealand in true canine style as a globe trotting rehomed stray!



owned by Helen R

Hazel was a gorgeous tiny bundle of stray fur that turned up at Totally Vets with a broken tail, when she was adopted by Helen.  She is strangely accident-prone having suffered a broken toe, another break to what remains of her tail and she has also had a case of struvite urinary crystals - luckily her mum is a vet nurse!  Her favourite things are her bean-bag, birds, the odd leaf and making her humans do her bidding.



Jak and BelleJACK
owned by Helen

Jack is a retired Huntaway dog who now live the good life in town with Helen and Hayden.  Jack's was short and sweet. His hobbies include running, bone carving, running, barking in the back of the ute, and running. 



owned by Kayla

Moosey enjoys fetching bits of paper and sits on command. Although he acts like a dog, he is in fact a mischievous 11 year-old Tonkinese cat (a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese). He can often be found sitting on the windowsill watching out over Feilding, sleeping in the linen cupboard or relaxing on his favourite chair with his favourite person (who unfortunately isn't Kayla, but her partner!).



owned by Christine

Toby is a 9 year-old "energizer battery" Spoodle who embraces life to the fullest.  He loves walks, especially in the bush and along the beach, will do ANYTHING to play ball with ANYONE and has been known to hide in the car to ensure he is not left behind for an outing.  He has a teddy for a friend although this relationship usually survives only a year before it needs to be replaced.  He can walk at heel beside Christine without a lead but if something runs past his ears quickly become painted on.  He steals the cat's food whenever possible and eats his own food as the last resort.  Toby was originally belonged to Christine's son but was left behind once university called - he is now a very dedicated, loyal and affectionate companion for his new mum.



owned by Wendy

Tonks is a dog of uncertain parentage (Corgi? Shih Tzu? sawn-off Bearded Collie? ...who knows!). She was brought in to the Feilding clinic needing a home about 6 months ago. Deirdre (a very kind nurse) took her in initially, and then she went to live with Wendy.  She has her paws very firmly under the table in that household now and is loved by all (well, maybe not by the cat, but they tolerate each other!).  Her main job is as a four-legged alarm clock for the teenage boy of the family - dangerous work but she does it with dedication!



owned by Charmaine

“Hi!  My name is Van, I am a 7 year-old pure-bred black Labrador and I was named from the TV programme Outrageous Fortune.  I love going running with my mum, fetching and swimming.  I get to experience “farm life” at my grandparents’ place where I get real dirty and get to scavenge and hunt.  I am very lucky to have a really cool aunty/second mum called Jackie and sometimes if I’m really cute, she lets me sleep inside on the couch!”



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