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  • Avoiding problems around fawning

    Farm Animals

    Many problems around fawning can be attributed to deer behaviour and the environment which the hinds are exposed to during this time. Of all the species we farm, deer are

  • Specialist veterinary cardiology service


    Totally Vets is excited to offer cardiology referrals at our Feilding branch, seen by Jacqui Huxley and the team from Apex Cardiology. Jacqui is the only board-certified

  • Looking ahead

    Farm Animals

    Possible animal health issues and tasks to consider and reminders for September include…   Dairy Calf management – Excellent hygiene practices are

  • Pollen alert!


    The pollen season is well underway, with pine pollen already drifting over the countryside! All those pets with allergic skin and/or respiratory disease may be feeling the itch,

Yard peeker

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