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  • Facial Eczema Risk Bulletin

    Farm Animals

    for week ended 16 February 2020   Manawatu South Manawatu North Tararua   No. of sites monitored:   16 10 9

  • Dangers of heat stroke


    Summer is a fun time for all, but the heat can be lethal to our pets: Pets cannot sweat like we do.  They release heat through their tongues, foot pads and nose which

  • Getting the most out of your fly treatment

    Farm Animals

    Dealing with flystrike in sheep over summer is frustrating, time consuming, and is a cost to both welfare and productivity. Prevention is the key and well-timed shearing,

  • Companion animal mobile service


    Bringing your pet into the clinic can be a very stressful experience for some pets and some pet owners. You may have multiple pets, mobility issues or just want the convenience

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