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  • WIN one of THREE Ubco electric work bikes worth $7,499!


    We are excited to share with you this Totally Vets EXCLUSIVE giveaway! Purchase MULTIMIN® or SMARTSHOT® this season from one of our clinics and be in the draw to WIN one

  • Johne’s disease (pronounced “Yo-knees”)

    Farm Animals

    Something that all farmers have no doubt heard mentioned by a vet at some stage or seen on their farms. Suggested to be prevalent on around 60% of farms in recent publications

  • The role of vitamin B12 and selenium in lambs

    Farm Animals

    SMARTSHOT® B12 plus selenium is a long-acting injection that will provide lambs with adequate levels of vitamin B12 and Se to maximise their growth rate. The lamb’s

  • Taking the guesswork out of mastitis

    Farm Animals

    As veterinarians and farmers, it is our responsibility to ensure that antibiotics are both prescribed and administered appropriately so that their efficacy against microorganisms

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