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  • Looking ahead

    Farm Animals

    Possible animal health issues and tasks to consider and reminders for July include…   Dairy TRANSITION MANAGEMENT  – The three weeks prior to

  • Beating pulpy kidney and tetanus

    Farm Animals

    Lambs are born with very few antibodies and rely on antibodies in the ewe’s colostrum for protection against common diseases including pulpy kidney and tetanus.

  • Old age isn’t a disease… but arthritis is


    Did you know that 80% of dogs over 8yrs old are likely to have arthritis? That’s a huge number. Arthritis can be difficult to detect; it’s not like acute pain when

  • Deer scanning

    Farm Animals

    The ongoing dry conditions through autumn have made mating a challenge this year; this is being reflected in our hind scanning results. Mobs of hinds with low average body

Yard peeker

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