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  • Top tips for car travel with anxious dogs


    Some dogs lose their mind with excitement when it comes to going for a ride in the car (car = dog park!), while others can lose their mind with fear or stress.  Here are

  • Holiday vaccination reminder


    As many of you plan your holidays, your pets are oblivious to theirs! If your pets are going to the boarding kennels or cattery, ensure you find out from your particular

  • Leptospirosis

    Farm Animals

    In New Zealand Leptospirosis is a significant zoonotic disease risk (humans can contract it from animals) and as such its management is a very important aspect of health and

  • Facial eczema in sheep

    Farm Animals

    Facial Eczema is a fungal disease that causes lowered production, photosensitivity and/or death due to liver injury. For growth and formation of toxic fungal spores on pasture,

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