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  • Colostrum – the key to good calf rearing

    Farm Animals

    Many dairy farmers understand the importance of feeding colostrum to their calves in the first few hours of life.   Each calf is born without immunity to disease and

  • Updated calf regulations

    Farm Animals

    Over the last few years there has been updates in the animal welfare regulations particularly regarding calves. These were developed to strengthen the rules around young calf

  • Wound wise


    Wounds are inevitable when keeping horses. Luckily they’re not all as bad. A lot of wounds can be treated by you, the horse owner. As vets we still regularly get called

  • Rat bait poisoning


    Beware when you put out the rat bait to get rid of those pesky vermin. Most rat baits have a characteristic green dye, but dogs and cats have poor colour vision and may mistake it

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