Meet the nurses' pets!

After caring for your pets all day long, the Totally Vets vet nurses then go home to their own four (or two!) legged friends.  We would like to introduce you to some of the furry members of the Totally Vets family...

MOOSEY - owned by Kayla


Moosey enjoys fetching bits of paper and sits on command. Although he acts like a dog, he is in fact a mischievous 5 year-old Tonkinese cat (a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese). He can often be found sitting on the windowsill watching out over Feilding, sleeping in the linen cupboard or relaxing on his favourite chair with his favourite person (who unfortunately isn't Kayla, but her partner!).

KOBI - owned by Beks (and pictured looking very sleek)


Kobi, affectionately known as Kobi-couch-eater or Sharkboy, is a 1 year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.  He is an accomplished chewer and is not fussy about what he chews - paper, plastic, wood, couches (just ask Debbie!) - he's happy with anything.  He is a bouncy happy puppy who loves walks, play-dates with his doggie friends, a long run at the river (although for a gundog he is a bit scared of the water) and also snuggling up for good cuddle.  His happy place is the back-seat of the car, and his new favourite pastime is running alongside Beks' mountain bike.

ROO - owned by Chrissy


Roo is a 6 year-old lilac point Burmese cat and, like Moosey, he thinks he is a dog!  He loves going for rides in the car (even other people's cars!) and has been brought home by friends on many occasions.  He is very laid back and cruisey, especially with Chrissy's children, but bring him anywhere near the vet clinic and he turns feral!  Roo is boss over all the other animals at home (two other cats and nine chickens) - he will sort through the chicken scraps, picking out what he wants before letting the others eat the leftovers.

HAZEL - owned by Helen


Now nearly 2 years old, Hazel was a gorgeous tiny bundle of stray fur that turned up at Totally Vets with a broken tail, when she was adopted by Helen.  She is strangely accident-prone having suffered a broken toe, another break to what remains of her tail and she has also had a case of struvite urinary crystals - luckily her mum is a vet nurse!  Her favourite things are her bean-bag, birds, the odd leaf and making her humans do her bidding.

Storm - Jessica

Meet Stormy, my 3 year-old ball of gorgeous grey fluff.  Storm had a very rough start to life after falling ill at a pet store, and this resulted in her requiring veterinary attention.

She was diagnosed with Panleukopenia virus and also Salmonella poisoning, and due to the intensive care nursing required she was unable to return to the pet store.  She was very underweight for a 3 month-old, and she required syringe feeding frequently, multiple medications and fluid therapy.  Read more...

Adult Storm