Small animal vets' pets

Meet the four-legged friends belonging to the Totally Vets companion animal vets!

CLIFF - owned by Kellie


Cliff found his way to Kellie on a rainy weekend after being found ‘lost in the wilderness' by some visiting trampers.  He was in a very sorry state - cold and skinny and missing most of his coat - but he responded well and after some love and TLC was well on his way to recovery.  Nowadays, apart from the occasional nightmare and an embarrassing habit of misjudging distances (due to his missing eye) you would never know he had such a terrible ordeal.  He's OBSESSED with his tennis ball and has an amazing ability to sniff it out from ANY hiding place!  Other than that he spends his day digging holes, dodging the grumpy house cat who likes to sneak up on him and hanging out with his best mate Cole the Rottweiler (he is a much braver boy when Cole is around!).

MINNOW - owned by Sally


Minnow is a 12 year-old silver tabby kitty who belongs to Sally.  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth as long as she is getting her own way.  Her favourite toy is a plastic cap off a drink bottle (these bring out her inner kitten!) and she also loves her ancient mouse toy that she inherited from her old uncle Borris when he passed away last year.  She enjoys her status as the "only child" and is not willing to share her mother.  Minnow is a great hunter and loves to bring her victims into the house.  She DETESTS the vet clinic and after the teeth cleaning episode the nurses don't want to see her back again!

GEORGE - owned by Jo


George the Beagle has large velvety ears, but is not always the best listener - there are just too many distracting smells in this world!  George is a sedate elderly gentleman now and is very content with lying on the deck in the sun, but in his younger days was very keen on going walkabouts!  He loved chasing rabbits and hares but never had any luck catching them.  George looks ‘puppy-like' even though he is all grown up, and his lovable face and big brown eyes have helped to dispel the fear of dogs in many of Jo and Gary's kids' friends. 

TONKS - owned by Wendy


Tonks is a dog of uncertain parentage (Corgi? Shih Tzu? sawn-off Bearded Collie? ...who knows!). She was brought in to the Feilding clinic needing a home about 6 months ago. Deirdre (a very kind nurse) took her in initially, and then she went to live with Wendy.  She has her paws very firmly under the table in that household now and is loved by all (well, maybe not by the cat, but they tolerate each other!).  Her main job is as a four-legged alarm clock for the teenage boy of the family - dangerous work but she does it with dedication!

JAK & BELLE - owned by Helen

Jak & Belle

Jak and Belle are both retired Huntaway dogs who now live the good life in town with Helen and Hayden.  Belle had an illustrious career, while Jak's was short and sweet. His hobbies include running, bone carving, running, barking in the back of the ute, and running.  Belle is a serious soul who doesn't approve of Jak's frivolity but will unbend enough to take advantage of an unwatched bed.

TOBY - owned by Christine (and pictured with his favourite teddy)


Toby is a 9 year-old "energizer battery" Spoodle who embraces life to the fullest.  He loves walks, especially in the bush and along the beach, will do ANYTHING to play ball with ANYONE and has been known to hide in the car to ensure he is not left behind for an outing.  He has a teddy for a friend although this relationship usually survives only a year before it needs to be replaced.  He can walk at heel beside Christine without a lead but if something runs past his ears quickly become painted on.  He steals the cat's food whenever possible and eats his own food as the last resort.  Toby was originally belonged to Christine's son but was left behind once university called - he is now a very dedicated, loyal and affectionate companion for his new mum.

MISSY - owned by Jeanette


Missy is a beautiful 5 year old moggy who was abandoned as a 5 week-old kitten with 3 littermates. We adopted her and her sister from Nassus Animal Shelter.  She endures "compulsory cuddles" as she isn't really the type to enjoy being held or sitting on a lap, though she does appreciate a good head-rub!  She occasionally hunts, and is kind enough to leave us the front end of the mouse, obviously enjoying the back end of the mouse as a delicacy.  You can count on Missy being around when you get home... and if she's missing for the evening you can be sure she's been enjoying a siesta in the roof of the garage.

PUSS PUSS & MONKEY - owned by Suzanne

Monkey & Puss Puss

Suzanne has two ginger moggies, both "SPCA specials".  Monkey is a 15 year-old female named for her mischievous and very talkative nature, with a very loud tractor purr.  Puss Puss is a 14 year-old male who would have been better named Mr Magoo for his clumsiness but also for his ability to be extremely clever at times.  Although they have lived together for 12 years, neither likes the other.  They are great company and good little electric blankets but ever optimistic that breakfast should be served at 5am and not 7am which sometimes makes for a very grumpy Mum!