AgResearch visit

Our recent visit to AgResearch gave us a great insight into the research that will help NZ agriculture towards its next big jumps in productivity and efficiency.  We were also given a review of the existing work defining NZ soil fertility and biology, and the cost of production in pastoral systems.

This newsletter presents a synopsis of each speaker's presentation. There was a high level of interest in Alec MacKay's presentation, so we have included several pages on this. This summary also includes material Alec has presented in other forums recently. Hopefully it will be a useful resource to keep and refer back to.

The Manawatu Monitor Farms Finishing Seminar Series aims to address issues particularly relevant to the business of finishing lambs and cattle, plus related enterprises. If you have any ideas on topics you'd like to see covered in workshops/seminars or as farm visits, do let us know!

With thanks

Ginny Dodunski & Trevor Cook, Facilitators, Totally Vets Ltd


Duncan Smeaton - The true cost of dry matter on NZ sheep & beef farms  2

Brent Barrett - Improving forage legume genetics  2

Marty Faville - Improving resilience and quality in forage pastures  3

David Hume - Does endophyte affect ryegrass growth in the Manawatu? 3

Gerald Cosgrove - Improving quality of grazed pastures  4

Greg Bryan - GM approaches to increased forage pasture quality for ruminant livestock 5

Cesar Pinares - Measurements of methane emissions from sheep & cattle using respiration chambers 5

Alec Mackay - From the ground up  6

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