Prepared by Ginny Dodunski, Totally Vets Ltd



On-Farm Day:

Linkfarms - Halcombe Block

‘Best Practice in Action'

Wednesday 8th February 2012




A big ‘thank-you' to Scott and his father Ross Linklater for their generosity in hosting the Manawatu Finishing Monitor Farms group, and opening the doors on their very successful farming business. Time and again throughout the tour of the farm we were reminded that there are no secrets to their success; it arises from simply ‘doing everything properly'.

The Linklaters are an example of farmers who have been early adopters of the value chain concept, and actively sought partners who will gain them the best returns for their product via a strong connection to the end customer.

Hamish Gow (Professor of Agribusiness, Director of the Centre of Agribusiness Policy and Strategy, Director of AgriCommerce, Massey University) enthusiastically introduced us to the principles of a real value chain, citing many local and international examples.

Andy Campbell (Firstlight Waygu Livestock Manager) detailed the Firstlight Wagyu producer group as a local example of a value chain in action.

The day was stimulating and thought-provoking for all, whether you'd come to see how the Linklaters get such consistently good performance from their forage crops, or whether you were more interested in changing the way your own farm's products are marketed and sold.

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