Community group day 2 - Monitor Farm on a roll! 

A stunning autumn day added to the enthusiasm of all who attended the second Meat & Wool NZ Monitor Farm day at Simon & Dennis Wishnowsky's Halcombe farm.

Following on from community feedback, the business plan to take the farm to the next level was presented. This involved a mix of policy changes and ‘doing old things better'.

A tour of the farm took us to look at the new ewe-flock policy, cattle feeding options and the cropping and regrassing programme.

On return to the woolshed, groups of farmers discussed ideas for achieving targets for the ewe flock, the cattle-finishing enterprise and the forage programme. Many great ideas were presented and no doubt some will be added to the mix.

Trevor then presented his signature ‘five minute take home message' covering winter ewe management.

Circle August 4 on your calendars and come to the next community group day to be part of the progress!