Oak and acorns

Plant description:

The trees often stand alone and are up to 30m tall. They have characteristic leaves, usually 2-4 at the end of a twig. Unripe acorns are the most dangerous.

oak 1.JPG

Animal species affected:

All species but cattle, sheep and deer seem to seek acorns out.

Symptoms of poisoning:

Symptoms first seen 2-3 days after ingestion and for up to 5 days after removal of acorns. Depression, anorexia, constipation, rumen stasis, severe abdominal pain and acorn remnants may be seen in the faeces. Death may occur. The milk from affected animals may taste bitter.


Call the vet. Blood tests can help determine the animal's prognosis, and symptomatic care may help those that have not ingested a large volume of acorns.