Vitamin B and Selenium supplementation

New to the market, Duomax 4000 B12 + Se (selenium) is now available in store.  This product is designed for use in cattle in that the Vitamin B concentration is twice that of other similar products on the market.

The adult cattle dose is an under the skin injection of 2-3 mLs for a cost of $1 GST incl*.

Short-acting Vitamin B injectables can contain two different forms of Vitamin B12.  One form (cyno) is a short duration (in and out of the body within hours) and while the longer acting form (hydroxo) will be active over days.

The cheaper versions of injectable Vitamin B12 utilise a mix of the two forms; Duomax 4000 contains only the longer acting (hydroxo) form.  Duomax 4000 has as a nil meat and nil milk withhold.

Vitamin B12 is essential for energy metabolism in cattle and sheep as well as red blood cell production.  If you are not in a cobalt deficient area cattle and sheep are likely to have adequate Vitamin B12 levels but there are bacterial antagonists that interfere with Vitamin B12 availability from the gut.  Supplementary injections overcome these.

The presence of selenium in Duamax 4000 will also be beneficial unless you are already using another form of selenium supplement.  Many of the farms we service have an on-going requirement for selenium supplementation.

If you are in doubt we can easily monitor selenium levels by blood testing up to 10 cattle.

Selenium is an essential trace element for muscle activity and reproductive performance.

If you do decide to use Duomax 4000, we recommend that repeat injections are more than three months apart and it is not recommended for use in calves two months of age or less.

We can provide more details in clinic.

*Price current at time of publication - subject to change without notification.