The British Blue

The British Blue

The British Blue is a member of the cat breed British Shorthair. The breed evolved by interbreeding cats brought to Britain by the Romans with the wild native cats. More crossbreeding with Persian cats was done to improve the thickness of their coat.

While the blue colour has been the most popular, British Shorthairs now come in large variety of colours including fawn, white, black, chocolate and silver and patterns such as tabby, tortoiseshell or bi-colour.

For lovers of big cats, this may be the one for you. British Blues are often referred to as the ‘bulldog of the cat world' as their bodies are large, sturdy and muscular. They have a ‘cobby' build with a broad chest, shoulders and hips. The males are larger, weighing from 5 to 10kg with females ranging from 5 to 7kg. They have round heads with large copper or gold eyes set widely apart and the ever-endearing chubby cheeks.    

These cats have a wonderful temperament and are an easy-going breed. They are the ideal cat for people who are at work all day as they have no problem being ‘house' cats and are quite happy to laze around for as long as is required. 

When they want attention, they will let their owners know and have a tendency to hang out where their people are, as opposed to being all over them. Most prefer to keep four paws on the ground and be patted rather than being picked up.

The breed has become a favourite of animal trainers because of its nature and intelligence, and many have appeared in films and television commercials.  Some more well-known famous British Shorthair cats include ‘Henry' from the Whiskas adverts on television and also the ‘Cheshire Cat' from the Alice in Wonderland stories.