General Medicine and Surgery

Horses are athletes and like any athlete their best performances are achieved when they're in perfect health. The better they are managed, the easier it is to keep them in the ideal condition, whether to attain that top performance, or simply to be a pleasant ride or happy companion. However, as anyone who works with horse knows, they will injure themselves from time to time no matter how careful you are! Totally Vets can attend to the individual patient right through to helping with overall management to prevent diseases and other conditions that may threaten the good health of your horse.

Artificial Insemination and Breeding Services

Are you considering which breeding options are available for your mare? For many breeds, getting your mare in foal to a local stallion is not the only option available. Artificial Insemination (A.I.) and semen preservation techniques make it possible to ship semen anywhere in the country - and even around the world. Success of these techniques depends on the careful reproductive management of the mare and the stallion.  Contact the Awapuni clinic for more information.

Equine Veterinary Dentistry

At Totally Vets we like to do everything possible to keep your horse happy and healthy.  An important aspect of this is routine dental care on a regular basis, which will make a big difference to your horse's wellbeing and longevity. Regular dental checks will identify many potential problems and enable early treatment before problems cause any pain with eating or altered head carriage when working.  Our vets attend regular training and refresher courses to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques. Totally Vets also continually invest in new and updated equipment to ensure we provide the best possible service.  Read more ...

Pre-purchase Examinations

Totally Vets regularly carry out examinations of horses prior to purchase. These are conducted by one of our experienced equine vets according to the New Zealand Veterinary Association guidelines. Pre-purchase examinations consist of a full and thorough clinical examination of the horse which is carried out in five stages:

Stage 1  preliminary examination at rest

Stage 2  during walking, trotting, turning and backing, including flexion tests

Stage 3  during and immediately after stenous exercise

Stage 4  during the period after exercise

Stage 5  during walking, trotting, turning and backing

A partial examination is an alternative and includes stages 1 and 2 only.

Ancillary examinations may  be requested or recommended and these include endoscopy, radiography, electrocardiography and  reproductive examination.

Horses can be brought into our Awapuni premises for examinations if suitable facilities (such as a long flat level area of hard surface for trotting up) are not available where your horse is normally kept.

Radiography and Sonography

Totally Vets keeps apace with the great strides made in veterinary radiology and sonography and offers high quality digital radiography services and ultrasonography of equine limbs. These imaging techniques offer insight into the internal hidden structures of the horses body and are used as an integral part of all the methods available for diagnosis. These procedures can be carried out at your place if your facilities are suitable or you can bring your horse to Totally Vets Awapuni branch.                     


Endoscopy allows Totally Vets to look at the internal workings of the horse, especially the  upper respiratory airways. Endoscopy is a hugely powerful tool in diagnosing respiratory diseases and conditions.