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Plant description:

Grows up to 10m tall. This, dark brown furrowed bark. Leaves are 4-10 cm long, sharply pointed with minute serrations above the middle half of the leaf. If held up to the light, they have distinctive glands that can be seen as clear vacuoles. Flowers are white with purple dots and are found in bunches of 2-6. The fruit is reddish-purple with an oblong kernel.

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Animal species affected:

Cattle, sheep, pigs and horses

Symptoms of poisoning:

Sublethal dose causes sensitivity to sunlight (photosensitivity)

Lethal cases will display severe constipation; abdominal pain; small quantities of dry, blood-stained faeces; lethargy; anorexia and possibly jaundice


Symptomatic treatment of the photosensitivity

An enema of raw linseed oil, soap and water