Totally Vets Ltd arose from the metamorphosis of Manawatu Veterinary Services and Awapuni Veterinary Services. The transformation of these two private companies occurred because the shareholders of both considered that the strengths of each practice would benefit the clients of both.

Awapuni Veterinary Services brought a strong equine influence to add to Manawatu Veterinary Services' inimitable reputation with pets and sheep and beef farms. Both practices brought considerable practical experience and knowledge of the dairy industry.

Totally Vets are committed to earning your respect and demand for our services by keeping your animals healthy and by sharing your successes. Totally Vets will achieve this by being very good at what we do, by taking pride in what we do, by thoroughly enjoying what we do and by working with like-minded people.

What Totally Vets does is provide 'services' for animals and the land they're on.