Meet the Feilding receptionists’ pets…

Chances are you have met our lovely receptionists at the counter - now it's time to meet their two and three legged friends ...

VAN – owned by Charmaine


“Hi!  My name is Van, I am a 2 year-old pure-bred black Labrador and I was named from the TV programme Outrageous Fortune.  I love going running with my mum, fetching and swimming.  I get to experience “farm life” at my grandparents’ place where I get real dirty and get to scavenge and hunt.  I am very lucky to have a really cool aunty/second mum called Jackie and sometimes if I’m really cute, she lets me sleep inside on the couch!”

BELLA & DOBBY – owned by Jade

Bella and Dobby

Bella, a 6 year-old Cocker Spaniel, was brought up as a solo dog but has learnt to love Dobby, a 2 year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.  Bella loves four things in life – quad-bikes, hunting, her bed, and Dobby (although she would never admit it).  Dobby’s favourite things are cuddles, pinecones, hunting, running and the river/water.  Dobby loves picking play-fights with Bella, looking at things upside down and is always intrigued by life.

WINNIE – owned by Eliza


Winnie is a nearly 3 year-old wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier.  Originally from Northland, Winnie left home and moved down to the outskirts of Feilding when she was only 10 weeks-old and by the time she was 18 months-old she had shacked up with a handsome young fella and had five rug-rats at foot.  After 8 weeks of caring for her kids 24/7, she decided that motherhood was not for her and adopted them all out to loving homes.  She has now matured and settled down, and spends her days with Harvey the German Shorthaired Pointer.  

CHICKTORIA – owned by Sandy


“My name is Chicktoria and I am a ‘Chicka-wow-wow’ lady… as you can see from my picture.  I put the hen in hen-pecked and I’m the reigning champion of my household.  Feed me or I WILL come in to the house and find you, and dogs – pfft – they may both be over 50kg but they don’t intimidate me - someone has to keep them in line.  I not only survived a Malamute attack, broken wing and all, but continued to lay eggs every day while I was recovering.”

ZULU & POSSUM – owned by Aimee


Zulu is a big 6 year-old brindle Boxer and Possum is his 3 year-old fawn Pug sidekick.  Zulu loves to chase Pesky, the friendly wild rabbit, and any cat that comes anywhere near the house.  Possum is innately lazy and does the bare minimum.  They love each other to death and Possum will often sleep on top of Zulu for warmth.  Their favourite game together is tug of war – Zulu flings Possum around like a ragdoll and she can’t get enough of it. 

OLLEY – owned by Carley


“Hi I’m Olley.  I am 1½ years-old and was lucky enough to be rescued from the SPCA as a baby after I was injured and had to have a big operation on my leg.  These days I spend most of my waking hours torturing my grumpy older sister Pebbles who is forever hissing at me and all I want to do is play with her. I also love scratching the new wallpaper and running around outside in the mud then coming inside and putting my footprints all over the house, including mum and dad’s bed.”

SHERMAN – owned by Catherine


Sherman arrived at our clinic as a little ball of black and tan fluff with a head injury and no owner, and has since grown into a big fluffy “cross-bred” dog of unknown parentage!  He lives in a world of his own – singing along with the fire siren, chasing butterflies and “fairies” (the white seed head ones), and any unsuspecting bird that might think it can land on our property!  He runs like a show pony with very high-knee action and has a long tongue that doesn’t like to be confined to his mouth.   

SAM & MAX – owned by Glenda

Sam and Max

Sam is a Cairn Terrier and is a brown-eyed cutie who worms his way into everybody's affections.  He is a notorious chewer and jandals left lying around are his favourite – of course he only destroys one leaving the other one as an ornament on the deck!  Max is a very laid back fox terrier and tolerates anything that Sam throws at him and will share his bean bag in front of the fire for the sake of a bit of peace.


REILY – owned by Julie C



“Hi I’m Reily, a bitza-special from the SPCA.  I’m 3 years-old and I’m still as crazy as I was when I was a puppy.  My best friend is Rastus Cat – I really like to wrestle with him.  My two favourite things to do are hide all the toys from my brother Tuscan so he can’t find them, and running up and down the stock bank in the long grass.  When I get bored I like to steal pillows off the bed for me to play in them – Mum gets angry with me when I do this though.”

SAM – owned by Hayley


Sam is black Labrador crossed with a Huntaway, who often gets called ‘Samoolian’ by his mum and dad.  He is a 10 year-old gentleman who never misses an opportunity to inform the whole of Rongotea that someone is on his property, although the minute you are inside the gate he wouldn’t do anything other than lick you to death.  Loyal to anyone with a ute, he would happily let you take him home if it meant he was allowed to ride on the back.